Euclide 7″ – User guide

04/02/2022 V 0.0.3


Euclide Sàrl provide a 7” touchscreen device for monitoring your Studer installation Xtender series, with amazing graphics, icons and real-time information. He also collects data every 5 seconds for providing useful information about your production and consumption in order to optimize your autarky and be aware of your loads!

The device doesn’t allow to modify any settings or parameters on the installation as it has been developed exclusively for monitoring purpose. This is not a substitute of the RCC-02/RCC-03 but a complementary accessory for real-time monitoring.

Use it with built-in touchscreen, with your smartphone/tablet or computer thanks to local hotspot or connect it to your internet connection for local monitoring. A single device allows you to multiple display your monitoring solution in each part of your house.

Euclide 7″ is not an official product of Studer Innotec SA

Upgrade your Studer installation

In order to run Euclide 7″ without issue, a software upgrade of your Studer’s equipment is mandatory. Compatible from version R664. Follow the official procedure for upgrade available on Studer Innotec website:

FAQ – How do I update the system software?

Studer Innotec Logo

Wiring diagram

Inside the Euclide 7″ package:

  • Xcom-485i
  • 7″ all-in-one touchscreen Euclide
  • RJ45-USB Cable
  • Power Supply 3A – 230Vac EU type
General diagram block connection


Three different options of connectivity are available for Euclide: discover which one is more adapted for your case. The IP address of Euclide can be found by clicking on the logo:

A reboot is suggested after being connected.

LAN Configuration

Connect an ethernet cable RJ45 for allow Euclide joining into your LAN network, IP of device can be found into “Info” page, clicking on Euclide logo see above.

LAN diagram

HOTSPOT Configuration

If you don’t want to be connected on the network, Euclide create a WiFI hotspot “Euclide-n”. Connect your smartphone (remember to disable your mobile data 3G/4G/5G) to this network and go to

You can locally visualize interface while connected to “Euclide-n” go to

HOTSPOT diagram

WIFI Configuration

For connecting to a WiFi, join with your smartphone to the hotspot network generated by Euclide and go to (disable your mobile data 3G/4G/5G). Choose the WiFi network you want Euclide join on and insert the password. Once connected a new IP address will be assigned to Euclide. If you want lo locally visualize, go to (in our case, or in your case http://ipaddress:8080).

WiFi diagram

Activate Studer devices

Euclide doesn’t recognize automatically how many devices there’re connected on it. You need to manually activate/deactivate it in order to allow Euclide reading data from your system and keep it running smoothly. Follow the video.

If you’re not able to play the video see below pictures.

P.S.: If you want to see how many Studer’s devices there’re on your system, go with RCC-02/03 into “System Info” menu, on the top.

How to activate devices – video tutorial

openHAB Cloud

Thanks to openHAB solution, Euclide offers you the possibility to see remotely your monitoring solution, if you decided to connect Euclide to a network.

  1. Create an account into
  2. Enter the UUID and Secret you can see on “Info” page of your Euclide*
  3. Check it online

*We suggest going to your Euclide IP Address with your computer in order to easily copy and paste UUID and Secret to openHAB cloud.

Download also mobile application for Android & iOS

Screenshot from openHAB Cloud

Special: Monitoring different Studer systems

One Euclide 7″ allow you to monitor two different Studer’s systems, with two different Xcom-485i. This is useful in special installation where it was required to separate the devices for any reason.

Special: Fronius compatibility

Compatibility with Fronius devices is built-in on Euclide thanks to Fronius API. For allowing that your Fronius devices must be equipped of Datamanager and connected under the same network of Euclide.

Contact us for more information.

Fronius logo


Euclide is in a beta version, and it has been developed on opensource purpose. Any changes, modification or updates made by customer, are outside Euclide warranty as product is delivered “as it is”.

Customer can modify their own Euclide 7” adding new features thanks to openHAB addons. Any copy of Euclide for commercial purpose without previous authorization of Euclide Innovation risk to be judge by the court do the violation of different free-to-use patent contented on the Euclide 7” solution.

Customer assume their own consequentially risk by illegally distributing, copying or replicate Euclide Innovation solution.


Any comment needs to be reported to . If you meet some issue try reboot the device through Info page.