Manual #004 Xcom-4G

23/05/2023 V 0.0.2


This manual is concerned for installing the Xcom-4G. The device has an automatic APN detection for your SIM card, the only configuration you should apply is on the Xcom-232i side. If you already have an Xcom-LAN/GSM and want to update to Xcom-4G see the section dedicated in this manual.

Xcom-4G is compatible with: Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Korea, Korea, Thailand

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This is not a product supplied by Studer Innotec but it’s compatible with.

Content of Xcom-4G

This is what you’ll get in the box:

  • Xcom-232i
  • TRB142 – 4G Gateway
  • RJ45 Cable (Studer BUS)
  • DB9 M-M Cable
  • Power cable RJ45-4Pin Connector
  • 230Vac Power supply (if needed)

Configure the Xcom-232i

You need to configure the Xcom-232i as per Xcom-LAN using the Xcom-Configurator and following the Standard Xcom-LAN procedure by Studer Innotec.

  1. Insert micro SD Card to your computer
  2. Configure it as per Xcom-LAN
  3. GUID will be generated into your desktop – use it later to register your installation
  4. Remove the micro SD Card and insert it back to Xcom-232i – an “update” will start
Configure the micro SD Card of Xcom-232i
Download Xcom-Configurator from Studer website: “Software & Updates” section

Xcom Configurator V1.0.34 (PC)

Xcom Configurator V1.0.34 (Mac)


Inserting SIM Card

  • Unscrew two back panel hex bolts and remove the back panel.
  • Insert your SIM card into the SIM socket.
  • Attach the panel and tighten the hex bolts.
  • Attach the mobile antenna (max torque 0.4 N·m / 3.5 lbf·in)

The device is compatible with mini-SIM (2FF) size cards. But since different types of SIM cards have the same contact arrangement, smaller SIM cards can also be used with the router, provided they are inserted into a 2FF SIM card adapter. A size perspective of the most popular SIM card types can be seen in the figure below:

Micro-SIM (3FF) cards can be used with a 3FF to 2FF SIM card adapter such as this one:

Wiring diagram

Xcom-4G must be placed at the end of Studer COM bus, in “T” position for termination switch.

Xcom-4G diagram

Upgrade your Studer installation

In order to run smoothly run your installation, we suggest, a software upgrade of your Studer’s equipment. Follow the official procedure for upgrade available on Studer Innotec website:

FAQ – How do I update the system software?

Studer Portal: register installation

As soon as you established connection with the portal and you received message 090, the you’re now going to last step for register your installation to Studer Portal. Follow the video.

Mobile App Android & iOS

Studer Portal offer you as well the mobile app for your smartphone Android/iOS.

Download for Android

Download for iOS

I already have an Xcom-LAN

If you already have an Xcom-LAN and want to change with an Xcom-4G, you can keep your Xcom-232i and configuration. Please start following from “Installation“.

Xcom-LAN: to change with the Xcom-4G, you just need to replace the MOXA.

I already have an Xcom-GSM

If you already have an Xcom-GSM and want to change with an Xcom-4G, you need to reconfigure the Xcom-232i. Please start your configuration from “Configure the Xcom-232i

Xcom-GSM: to change with the Xcom-4G you’ll need to reconfigure the Xcom-232i!


The Xcom-4G is an Euclide Innovation product. Any changes, modification or updates made by customer, are outside Euclide Innovation warranty as product is delivered “as it is”.

Customer assume their own consequentially risk by illegally distributing, copying or replicate Euclide Innovation solution.


Any possible comment need to be reported to . If you meet some issue try reboot the device through Info page.