News #004 – Xcom-4G

The new era of connection

The problem: 3G network offline

The shutdown of the 3G network: how to solve for your #customers?

Many telecom operators have announced the shutdown of 3G networks will happens soon and be replaced by #4G and 5G. For customers this will results in a fallback to 2G.

All devices missing support for 4G/5G, like Xcom-GSM (3G) from Studer Innotec will have to be replaced in time before the shutdown of the 3G network happens, otherwise facing the risk to access only very-low throughput GPRS connections.

To avoid this possibility, you need to #anticipate the changes and plan for the migration soon, if not, using the Studer Portal will be near to impossible.

Differences between Xcom-GSM (3G) and Xcom-4G

The solution: Xcom-4G

The Xcom-4G proposed by Euclide Innovation answer to that issue and solve it in a charm way! Take a look on the manual or contact us by email if you want to integrate this device in your catalogue.

Xcom-232i and Gateway 4G